Medicinal Chemistry: The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery


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Medicinal chemistry is a complex course since its inception. Written in an easy to follow and conversational style, Medicinal Chemistry: The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery focuses on the fundamental concepts that govern the discipline of medicinal chemistry as well as how and why these concepts are essential to therapeutic decisions: The book emphasizes functional group analysis, Pharmacophores and the basics of drug structure evaluation.  It covers key drug targets including enzymes, receptors, and ion channels, and hit and lead discovery.

In a systematic fashion, learn how to identify and evaluate the functional groups that comprise the structure of a drug molecule and their influences on solubility, absorption, acid/base character, binding interactions, and stereochemical orientation. Relevant Phase I and Phase II metabolic transformations are also discussed for each functional group.

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Key features include:

Ø  Natural and synthetics drugs and their characteristics properties.

Ø  Case study on a wide range of drugs

Ø  Discussions on the roles and characteristics of organic functional groups, including the identification of acidic and basic functional groups.

Ø  How to solve problems involving pH, pKa, Vd, and ionization; salts and solubility; drug binding interactions; stereochemistry; and drug metabolism.

Ø  Numerous examples and expanded discussions for complex concepts.

Ø  Drug discovery concept

Ø Drug patenting

Ø An overview of structure-activity relationships (SARs) and concepts that govern drug design.

Ø  Answers to some questions during classes

Ø  Interview questions and answers from different scholars and workers at Novartis and Davidson College

Whether you are just starting your education toward a career in a healthcare field or need to brush up on your organic chemistry concepts, this book is here to help you navigate medicinal chemistry.

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