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Best Courses that will change your life for good


Never loss in your trading of Forex and Synthetic Indices again!

Trade with 90% winning rate on any currency pairs or synthetic indices assets using any of the strategy discussed in this book.

You also get the chance to ask the author questions on any confusion you might encounter while reading the book.

The course is available for everyone who is finding it difficult to trade Forex and Synthetic indices profitably a complete novice can also be mentored to perfection on enrolling.

Become a UI and UX Design Pro today

UI and UX Design Using Figma

Learn how to create a Modern Finance app, 3D Modeling, Wireframing etc.

I’m Samuel and I’m a UI/UX designer. In this course, I will help you learn and master Figma app comprehensively from scratch. Figma is an innovative and brilliant tool for User Interface design. It’s used by everyone from entrepreneurs and start-ups to Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, etc.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create world-class User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs. Throughout the course first, you will learn about all the Design BasicsUI ElementsTypography, etc. and then we will work on real-world projects together.

Moreover, we will design a finance app completely from scratch and I will share with you all the necessary techniques and hidden secrets you need for mobile application and web design.

Become a Pro WordPress Designer using Elementor

Learn WordPress Website Design of all kinds using Elementor

The fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to learn how to build great professional Business and Personal Websites. Access our Free Elementor Pro plus over 2000+ themes and templates.

In this course, I will take you from the very beginning of your cPanel and WordPress experience to being able to build a professional website or blog of your own. We will show you how to approach cPanel, WordPress, and Elementor from the very beginning. I will show you clearly, and concise steps on how to use every aspect of cPanel and WordPress, and all the other ancillary services that you will require to successfully create and host your great and more secured personal or business website.

1) I will teach you how to navigate through the control panel (cPanel) like a professional

2) You will learn how to create customized email for your business

3) I will teach you how to create an autoresponder for your support email address

4) You will learn how to forward email messages directly from the server

5) You will learn how to add a reCaptcha to your website and also block out bots from hacking your website

6) We will show you how to create a beautiful website, just like the one in the demo.

7) Your website will not be just for show, our website will be highly functional as well.

8) We will teach you how to use Elementor to create modern, and clean websites, creating a great customer experience.

9) The websites you build will be responsive, and compatible with all devices, especially smartphones.

10) You will discover how to create and manage navigation menus

11) Create your own homepage

12) A “contact us” page with a personalized contact form and Google Map

13) Most importantly you will learn to create a WooCommerce store that will allow you to sell and be paid for your products or services instantly!!

I have been working with WP for almost 5 years now, and there has never been a better time to start learning how to use this wonderful platform. Elementor in particular has simplified many previously difficult, or laborious tasks and made it so much easier to create the exact content you have in mind, for your website or blog.

We will teach you about Elementor, the wonderful page builder, which has changed the WordPress landscape. Using Elementor we can easily create new pages and sections of our website, create maps, and add photos, your imagination is really the only limit.

One of the most important things, as you begin to learn about WordPress, is not to feel overwhelmed or frustrated. We are here to support you throughout your journey, pause, and ask us any questions you may have, then go back when you feel confident enough. Also, don’t be afraid to try things, WP can be rolled back at any time to a previous state, so go ahead and explore the platform to its fullest.

Not everyone who follows this course will have the same goals, but we really want to make sure that each and every student is able to fulfill their goal which made them purchase this course.

Also, remember that I do this for a living, I build and maintain hundreds of websites, in many different countries. I am constantly updating my know-how and integrating new plugins, themes, content websites, and service partners. My work landscape changes so quickly that we must remain on the cutting edge of technology in order to remain competitive, and I want to transfer that know-how in the purest and simplest form available.

What you will learn

Best Courses that will change your life for good

Own an Online Business Today!

Do you want to start a new business online or you desire to take your current business online? Samuel Barnabas is here for you…


It is not a new story when you try to explain how hard it is to start a profitable online business like dropshipping or branded drop shipping.

The business is difficult to start when considering the technical parts like website design, product research, integrating a payment processor, Setting up an ad account (Facebook, google ads, TikTok ads), and even finding the right influencer when using IG celebrities. it is capital intensive and a beginner is expected to have at least $1000 for a start in other to get a great eCommerce store running.

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The Bible of Trading Forex and Synthetic Indices Market

Medicinal Chemistry: The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery

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