My Expertise

Hard Working

Samuel Barnabas is endowned with a hard working personality, he always put the whole of his energy into any thing of value that requires his attention.

Award Winning

Have been awarded in different sphere of activities, one of which is an award given to him by the office of the GMD through COO Ventures NNPC Towers Abuja for his contribution in an in-house competion.


Samuel Barnabas is experience in Sciences. Human Resources Management, Teaching, Digital marketing (Facebook, Google, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube ads creation and management)


Deliverability of any work I am hired to do is for sure. Just give me a try with the work you wish to engage my expertise and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Professional Online Tutor for College and High School
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Are you a student in High School or Colleges and your need help understanding your core Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Industrial Chemistry Courses or some Medicinal Chemistry Courses. Or you need help understanding Mathemetics in High School or in preparation for your internal or any external examination, Samuel Barnabas with his 10 years experience in teaching young and old minds is readily available for you. He can efficiently and clearly teach you and open your mind to understanding that subject or course that has proven difficult for you.

Do you have issue engaging digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness or even convert leads into buying customers?

Brands that want to succeed in today’s fast-moving digital world need marketers with digital expertise that can ensure their products and services are visible online. Skilled digital marketers require knowledge and qualifications that go beyond basic marketing strategies and creativity skills. If you’re considering to hire a top digital marketer Samuel Barnabas is a sure Marketer to start with, he have a depth of understanding and skills needed to place your business infront of the right customers. He is certified by Google Skill as a DIgital Marketer and he have a vast knowledge in optimizing business in SEO and SEM for maximum free visibility on Google Search Optimization. 

Start making more sales by creating a professionally looking landing page for your product or brand.

The goal of a landing page is to convert and build a repository of leads that can be nurtured with more personalized marketing campaigns using email, direct mail, paid ads, or other types of targeted marketing before those leads reach your sales team to make a purchase. Having the best landing page will help your business attract customers and also keeping them. Samuel Barnabas in his expertise will help you create a great landing page for any type of business you currently want to bring into the internet space. Hire him Now…

Now let your money work for you to bring in more money.

Do you have the capital but no time to create an online brand from scratch? Samuel Barnabas will help you take care of the hard part.

It is not a new story when you try to explain how hard it is to start a profitable online business like dropshipping or branded drop shipping.

The business is difficult to start when considering the technical parts like website design, product research, integrating a payment processor, Setting up an ad account (Facebook, google ads, TikTok ads), and even finding the right influencer when using IG celebrities. it is capital intensive and a beginner is expected to have at least $1000 for a start in other to get a great eCommerce store running.

Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi