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Forex and Synthetic Indices Trading Strategy

This masterpiece was writen out of experience accumulated over time from trading Synthetic Indices Market. The book contains personal practiceable strategy that me and students practice and has made thousands of dollar.

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Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi is the Founder of Basam Group, a fast-growing company with a huge and impactful mission in the Financial/Synthetic Trade Market, Academic, and Merchandise niche. The Company is made of four main subsidiaries, which are!

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Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi

An Industrial Chemist, a Science Laboratory Technologist with great knowledge of Medicinal Chemistry. Highly skilled in the use of computers, a Passionate Tutor, a Forex and Synthetic Indices Trader.

A great personality known for his selfless services in the field of his expertise, Samuel Barnabas will stop at nothing to make his life and the lives of people within and outside his place better. In his quest to reach out to the world with the wit of imparting knowledge in what he does, he has authored up to fourteen books; Four of those books show proven strategies on how to trade the Financial/ Synthetic Indices Market Profitably, two of them is solely about academic and the rest are on different topics. He has readers and students across the globe.

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Best selling books

Forex and Synthetic Indices Trading Strategy

How To DIscover and Trade Trend Reversal in Forex and Synthetic Indices Market

Medicinal Chemistry: The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery


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Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi
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