Forex and Synthetic Indices Trading Strategy



Book Description

The eBook offers a step-by-step proven strategy that is working for lots of professional traders.
The strategy discussed in this eBook will show you unfailing entry position and take profits values.
This 92 page eBook explains each proven strategy explicitly for your assimilation and application.
The Strategy includes;
1) Trading with price action
2) Entry and Exit confirmation using the ECR Strategy
3) Using Fractals to trade with a high winning rate
4) Using Moving Averages to determine solid Support and Resistance Zone.
and many more.
The eBook will help you re-write the history of your trading experience.
Join other professionals and earn like a pro.
Benefits of the eBook
1)The use of the book will save beginners from blowing up accounts.
2) The book contains my personal trading plan that has helped me remain in the market over time with maximized profit-making.
3)The eBook can be accessed on any device which makes it readily available for every trader irrespective of the device you use.

Making a profit when you adhere to any of the strategies is guaranteed.

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Samuel Barnabas Ifitumi